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So. New game plan for my life: go vegan while avoiding soy. Sounds good. This is going to be pretty difficult, however. Vegan means avoiding a lot of sweets. I wonder if vegan alternatives to meat and milk products really do taste similar. Regardless, I know this is the best choice for me, ethically and health wise. I tried going vegetarian a couple of times before and only lasted a couple of months. I'm mostly going to keep this to myself in my personal life. I know how people will react.

I already watched a few lectures like The Vegan Matrix and Food That Kills. I think I've seen Earthlings before. I'd like to watch Forks Over Knives and Peaceable Kingdom. r/vegan is providing me with some great resources. It's a shame the rest of the site is a cesspool.

On a different note: I took a three year long ... hiatus (for lack of a better word) from anime and now I'm trying to get back into it. I think I needed this time to grow up a bit. I've noticed I'm not nearly as irrational about it (read: a total weeabo). Because of this, it might be hard to get back into the anime crowd. I don't particularly care for internet fights and death threats over who pairs this fictional character with that one. Perhaps I will go looking for the nearest anime/manga/comic book convention and go from there. People care a lot more about being socially acceptable in person, that's for sure. [Grinning]

I think I'm going to rewatch Eden of the East. I freakin' love that show. The movies were great, too. But for now I think I'll watch a few more vegan lectures. That's all for now.

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