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So, The Path seems pretty cool. Lots of symbolism, great soundtrack, and no point system. My kind of game. I think my favorite girl is Ginger, but Rose is a close second. Vexxus5 has a pretty good rundown of the girls and the true meaning of their Ravagings.

Re-watched Eden of the East today. The dubbed version. I know, I know—how dare I? Subs > Dubs and all that. I'll be honest: I don't think certain dubs are really all that bad. I think there are a couple of reasons why people prefer the original. One reason is that the original quality is better because seiyuu are more prolific and highly paid in Japan. Another reason is that most Americans who watch anime can't actually speak Japanese so it sounds exotic to them. The former is understandable; the more you pay, the more you attract skilled people. The latter is just annoying.

I sometimes prefer dubs because it's easier on the eyes. What I mean is, I'm the kind of person who can't ignore subtitles. Even when I'm watching a show in a language I can understand, I instinctively want to read the words instead. I'll be watching Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! next.

And finally, a comment on Tumblr got me a little fired up today. It's one of those comments people make when they know they've lost an argument and can't quite come up with something meaningful to defend their point of view. You know, the whole "I'm entitled to my opinion/Respect other people's opinions" thing. My life philosophy is pretty laissez-faire so long as no one is being encroached upon or harm is being done. It's true everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don't believe in throwing someone in jail or discriminating against them for holding an unpopular belief. That being said, one's opinion is not entitled to respect.

If, in your opinion, this show is better than that show, it's a personal belief that's harmless. But when a politician goes on about how global warming (or evolution) is a hoax despite all scientific evidence and does all s/he can to block efforts to slow down or even reverse the effects, that's blatantly destructive. The politician, and those who believe in his or her words, is factually incorrect and environmentally irresponsible. What's to respect about that?

The comment that set me off was about vegans not respecting someone else's opinion about eating meat. Granted, the way some vegans act is extremely frustrating to me. Veganism is about compassion for all living things and environmental awareness. It's hard to convince people of this when we have vegan activists wishing rape on men and women who wear fur and saying "go vegan or die." I didn't interpret "compassion for all animals" as having an asterisk at the end for *except for humans.  It's a matter of health, of ethics, and of environmental sustainability. As the Main Street Vegan says, we have to be reasonable. There's nothing reasonable about calling people who are ignorant or without the means to become vegan evil and throwing red paint on them.

Finally, I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm a bit loopy from inadequate sleep. I'll be stepping off my soap box for now and going to bed. I just wanted to rant. G'night.

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