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 "If you and I were living in a Universe that was not alive, conscious, and fully aware of us, it might be the case that 'things just happen.' However, we are an integral part of a Universe that is fully alive, fully conscious, and totally aware of us—a Universe that provides exactly what we need to achieve our full potential."
Zen and the Art of Happiness (p. 32)
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 I can feel my sanity slipping.
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 This sounds terrible, but I think the only way I can stop myself from hating my long-time friend is by not talking to her for long periods of time. I just blocked her on Skype. I think it is best if I wait for her to seek me out once every few weeks to chat. Only then does it seem like she actually wants to talk to me. I think she's a jerk now. She feels above other people and harbors such hatred for the world at large. I don't feel the same and I don't want to associate myself with anyone like that.

She is a toxic friend. I am seriously considering slowly cutting her out of my life.
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 I'm a hypocrite; I know everyone deserves love except for me.
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 There's a darkness in me that I'm afraid of telling anyone else. These thoughts I have at night, when I'm alone, are enough to destroy friendships and prevent new ones.

I know I'm going to Hell when I die, but I want to try to do some good while I'm here regardless.

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 Not much to do except to be fully present and aware. [Link]
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 How dare I not update here more often? Bad Jodi, bad!

I'll have to remember to write tomorrow what's been pissing me off lately. You know the whole Steubenville thing? Yeah. I'm pretty sure I need to go check my blood pressure. It's bad enough that people can be so horrible—it's worse when others are more than willing to pat them on the back for being horrible. Blargh.

See you later, DM.
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 It feel like my mind is deteriorating.
It slows down every day.
I want to write and be creative and healthy.
My muscles and my brain have atrophied.
I don't know what to do anymore.
Blah. Forgive the depressing update.
Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.
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So, The Path seems pretty cool. Lots of symbolism, great soundtrack, and no point system. My kind of game. I think my favorite girl is Ginger, but Rose is a close second. Vexxus5 has a pretty good rundown of the girls and the true meaning of their Ravagings.

Anime and compassion without being a total lunatic. )

Finally, I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes. I'm a bit loopy from inadequate sleep. I'll be stepping off my soap box for now and going to bed. I just wanted to rant. G'night.

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So. New game plan for my life: go vegan while avoiding soy. Sounds good. This is going to be pretty difficult, however. Vegan means avoiding a lot of sweets. I wonder if vegan alternatives to meat and milk products really do taste similar. Regardless, I know this is the best choice for me, ethically and health wise. I tried going vegetarian a couple of times before and only lasted a couple of months. I'm mostly going to keep this to myself in my personal life. I know how people will react.

I already watched a few lectures like The Vegan Matrix and Food That Kills. I think I've seen Earthlings before. I'd like to watch Forks Over Knives and Peaceable Kingdom. r/vegan is providing me with some great resources. It's a shame the rest of the site is a cesspool.

On a different note: I took a three year long ... hiatus (for lack of a better word) from anime and now I'm trying to get back into it. I think I needed this time to grow up a bit. I've noticed I'm not nearly as irrational about it (read: a total weeabo). Because of this, it might be hard to get back into the anime crowd. I don't particularly care for internet fights and death threats over who pairs this fictional character with that one. Perhaps I will go looking for the nearest anime/manga/comic book convention and go from there. People care a lot more about being socially acceptable in person, that's for sure. [Grinning]

I think I'm going to rewatch Eden of the East. I freakin' love that show. The movies were great, too. But for now I think I'll watch a few more vegan lectures. That's all for now.

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