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Name:Jodi Odiodios
Birthdate:Mar 2
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
INTP. Buddhist. Has a lot more faith in the human race than most.

Interests (146):

2ne1, 30 seconds to mars, a fine frenzy, acting, adele, alex clare, aliens, alternative medicine, animal rights, animal welfare, animals, animation, anime, anxiety, arkham asylum, arkham city, art, astrology, bald women, batman, beauty, big bang, books, buddhism, candles, cartoons, cats, chocolate, comedy, compassion, crime drama, crossdressing, curiosity, daydreaming, death, dogs, e.s. posthumus, eden of the east, ellie goulding, emotions, english, eroticism, feminism, fiction, flight of the conchords, florence + the machine, food, foreign countries, forgiveness, friends, frou frou,, garbage, gay rights, geeks, ghost adventures, ghosts, god, green party, green technology, history, homelessness, homoerotic subtext, hugs, humanity, hyna, icons, intellectual pursuits, jeans, jokes, kisses, language, lgbt, liberal politics, linguistics, literature, love, manga, marina and the diamonds, martial arts, mass effect, mbti, memories, minimalism, mints, monsters vs. aliens, my ghost story, my little pony: friendship is magic, mythology, natural health, non-fiction, nostalgia, nudism, occult, oddities, one piece, p!nk, panty & stocking with garterbelt, parking wars, people watching, philosophy, photography, poetry, politics, procrastination, psychiatry, psychology, queer, reading, religion, research, roleplay, samurai champloo, samurai jack, sex positivism, sexuality, short stories, simple living, singing, skepticism, skrillex, socialism, stephen colbert, steve blum, tara stiles, tara strong, tea, the glitch mob, the stephanie miller show, theatre, tom kenny, transformers, transformers: prime, tumblr, vegan, veganism, vegetarianism, video games, visual arts, voice acting, wigs, women, word games, words, writing, yoga

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